Brand Jukova

Customized aluminum based solutions for four segments: aluminum castings, street furniture, products for leisure boats and for bus industry.

Our own aluminum foundry gives us a competitive advantage.

We have over 60 years of experience in turnkey solutions. Moreover, we can add aluminium profiles, glass, sheet metal parts and tubes to our products.

Our engineering department supports in the design of the product. The design criteria of the products relate usually to durability (weather proof, corrosion resistant), light weight, the shape (appearance, technical performance) and affordability.

Unlike our competitors, we run our own aluminum foundry providing us with a competitive advantage. Also our in-house paint shop and scalable assembly lines provide flexibility and performance our customers value.

Jukova Brands consists of four business segments:

Brand Jukova - aluminium castings
Aluminum castings

We supply aluminium castings for customer’s specific needs. We can handle the whole supply chain from engineering to surface treated, finished products.

Gravity casting alloys are AlMg3, AlSi12 and AlSi10Mg, pressure die casting materials are AlSi9Cu3 and good corrosion and sea conditions resistance alloy.

Please tell us about your specific needs, and we will design and manufacture the products as a turnkey solution.

Jukova Corporation - bus stop, innovative solutions
Street furniture and bus stops
Jukova Corporation Oy has a highly trusted knowledge of combining different types of materials. In street furniture and bus stops we have managed to combine the glass and aluminium in a way that looks and feels good but also stands the tests.
Brand Jukova - Speedboat
Products for leisure boats

We have been supplying quality aluminium fittings to the marine industry for decades. Since boat fittings must be exceptionally strong and offer guaranteed reliability, every stage of manufacturing at Jukova Corporation is strictly controlled.

Our product range consists of custom made aluminium boat windows and sliding doors. Please contact our sales department.

The standard boat series includes masthead lights of many sizes, pulpits, push pits, table and seat pedestals, arm rests and many other items in cast aluminium or aluminium profiles.

Brand Jukova - products for the bus industry
Products for the bus industry

Our bus interior products include luggage racks and ceiling assemblies, litter bins, leaflet/magazine holders, handrails, castings, doors and glass partitions.