We provide land, sea and air solutions with safety and sustainability as our top priority.

Safe and sustainable solutions since 1958.

Jukova Oy was founded in 1958. The company, first as a family business manufacturing aluminium fittings and faucets, has grown up to an international company that provides solutions for passenger transport industry and other industries. One of the main reasons for the company’s success has been the close co-operation with its customers.

Jukova Corporation Oy provides turn-key deliveries and easy-to-install solutions for the marine (Meridian), rolling stock (Décorian), leisure boating and street furniture (Jukova Brands) industries. Our subsidiary Aurora Look is a forerunner for delivering luxury balconies, glazings and facades for property owners and operators in Scandinavia.

We have an efficient in-house 3D design department and the personnel also administer project supervision. We also have an own in-house aluminum foundry organized under the Jukova Brands business area. Our company runs also an own business incubator concept (New Ventures), the purpose of which is to integrate cleantech solutions into the three other business areas.

Our purpose:

We enhance quality of life and ensure safe travelling and living environments.

Our mission:

To provide land, sea and air solutions with safety and sustainability as our top priority.

Our vision:

Our vision is to be a leading innovative global provider with inspiring products.

Our values:

Customer satisfaction
Deep customer understanding and customer satisfaction are the foundation of our operations. We recognize that customer-centric solutions and services have a significant impact on our success.

Profitable growth
We always aim for profitable growth in business. This way, we can create a better environment for our customers and employees, as well as secure our business in the future.

Constant learning and development
We aim to be a pioneer by continuously creating new innovative products and services. This requires commitment and ambitiousness in our work. We are constantly developing our professional skills.

Appreciating people and teams
We believe in teamwork and open communication within the whole network. We see that respect for others and equality are key factors in achieving good team dynamics.

We act according to laws and regulations. We require responsibility from our employees and suppliers. In all our activities, we strive for sustainable development and aim in our action to reduce the ecological footprint.

Key facts:

• The company is located in Yliskulma (Lieto), some 20 km East of the city of Turku in Finland.

• The company employs currently, including hired staff, some 50 persons of which about 35 in production.

• The revenue streams come both from ongoing deliveries and project business.

• Jukova Oy was first in the world to introduce prefabricated balcony modules in the marine sector.

Quality & Environment Policy

This quality and environmental policy applies to Jukova Coporaton Oy, in all places of business.

Jukova Coporation Oy’s business activities consist of turnkey solutions for the marine, rolling stock and other industries.

The main objectives of the company are customer satisfaction and consideration of the environmental impact as well as production and product safety aspects in all of the company’s business activities.

Our targets are:

Continuous improvement of processes in order to minimize harmful environmental outcomes.

Continuous improvement of products and operations to increase customer satisfaction.

We are conducting formal market and customer surveys, besides day-to-day communication with the customers, to exploit the needs of our customers and to understand the market dynamics. These needs and findings are taken into consideration in our development activities and production.

The product and servce development are based on current and future customer needs. The product engineering and design take into account the environmental impact, when choosing the raw materials and planning for the manufacturing process. We are aware of the environmental impacts of our activities. We reduce the amount of dumped waste by using raw materials effectively and by intensifying the sorting and recycling of waste materials.

We have a documented program for managing the environmental aspects of our activities and review the fulfilling of the set targets regularly.

In order to reduce the loading of the water system we choose surface coating chemicals that have as minimum effect on the environment as possible and intensify the processing of wastewater. Skilled personnel and modern tools are a foundation for the development of ouractivities. We have committed ourselves to following the legal requirements that concern our business area and the regulatory guidelines of the local authorities.