High-class interior systems for the passenger transport industry in Europe.

We serve market leading train manufacturers, railway operators and fleet management companies in Europe.

Décorian, our rolling stock product line, includes complete systems like ceiling modules, luggage racks and partition walls. Décorian contains also a wide range of other products, such as body side and end panels, sliding and hinged doors, door pillars, handrails, grabrails, fittings and luggage stacks.

Jukova Corporation is an IRIS certified system supplier  for the passenger transport industry. High quality, continuous product development, high-performance process improvement, as well as a close co-operation with the customer – also after finishing the project – are the key elements of our total offering.

We take pride in assuring a smooth project delivery to meet your new-build or renovation needs.

Turnkey solutions includes engineering services

We are also able to provide you with turnkey solutions, which provides multiple benefits:

• a total life-cycle cost perspective,

• cost-effectiveness thanks to a larger scope,

• simplified project and quality management, and

• less information barriers, decreasing information related problems.

We are known for delivering interior fittings that closely resemble the vision pictures. Depending on your needs and budget, we are able to provide you with alternative solutions.