Jukova Corporation has been given the highest credit rating

Jukova Corporation Oy has been granted highest possible platinum

credit rating: Strongest in Finland -certificate. The certificate is a sign of Jukova’s positive financial figures, background information, and good payment behavior even in hard times. That tells the customers, partners, credit institutions, and other stakeholders that cooperation with the company is on a steady foundation.


The certificate is based on the Rating Alfa -credit rating of Suomen Asiakastieto.


“In Jukova the credit rating certificate is a result of long term good work”, CEO Hannu Suna sums up. “We have a long and glorious history in marine and rolling stock industries and our reputation is good in leisure boat building and street furniture industries”, he continues.


Suna tells that operating culture in Jukova relies on company’s values: constant learning, appreciating people and profitability. “But the most important thing in our success is our close relationship with our clients. The way we work together is very inspiring for each of us”, he closes.


Last year Jukova is expanding it’s operations to construction industry. Aurora Look, the subsidiary of Jukova, is a forerunner for delivering luxury balconies, glazings and facades for property owners and operators in Scandinavia.