Jukova built 1,700 meters of windscreens on the Mardi Gras cruiser

Meyer Turku handed over the Mardi Gras ship to the world’s largest cruise operator Carnival Cruise Line on December 18, 2020.

Mardi Gras is a unique cruise ship. It is the first cruiser in North America that is fueled by liquefied natural gas. The ship has 19 decks, 2,600 cabins and 180 suites. The ship can accommodate 5,200 passengers and 2,000 crewmembers. The ship is a whopping 340 meters long and 42 meters wide. There is even a roller coaster on the ship, where the carriage reaches a speed of 64 kilometers per hour.

Jukova’s part in the construction of a passenger ship with a gross tonnage of 180 000 was the construction of windscreens on the outer decks of public spaces on five decks. In total, more than 1700 meters of steel-framed windbreaks were built.

The work lasted a total of two years. It began with structural design, in which the visions of architects were translated into tangible structures: combinations of frame, glass and mounting solutions. Next, the designs were transformed into a mockup, five meters long model, using the final materials and mounting solutions. The mockup was inspected by the client and the designer. The impact resistance and strength of the structures were tested. During the inspection, decisions about the final solutions were made.

Jukova and Meyer Turku shipyard have a long history of joint projects. Jukova’s expertise in designing, developing, and manufacturing sustainable solutions has been tested in the seven seas around the world during several decades. Jukova has manufactured the world’s first prefabricated balconies and already over 30,000 are sailing on the world’s largest and most spectacular cruise ships.

Additional information: Perttu Lappalainen, Tel.no. +358 10 474 4242.