Aurora Look brings luxury solutions to properties: balconies, glazings and railings

The name Aurora Look comes from the Latin word for the northern lights, aurora borealis. The northern lights are a specialty seen in the high-latitude regions, which can be observed from a glazed balcony. Aurora Look´s values strive for sustainable development which originates from the parent company Jukova. Jukova´s roots are in the shipbuilding industry. The sea, in all its beauty and bareness has always been Jukova’s natural operational environment.


Aurora Look is the innovator and pioneer of its field

Modular balcony, glazing and railing solutions are developed in Jukova´s factories in Turku region. For customers Aurora Look is an effective and reliable production facilitator whose products bring luxury from cruise ships to everyday life. Innovative, high quality and durable solutions increase the value of the property and make them attractive to the users and investors.


Aurora Look is safe solutions

Safety and sustainability are key themes when it comes to building human habitat. Jukova´s long history in the sea and passenger transport industry have trained material knowledge, and the development of solutions that facilitate everyday life is one of the key success factors in the design and implementation of real estate facade solutions.


Aurora Look is an overall expert in facades

Aurora Look handles the delivery of the facade project entirely from mapping and design to the last screw on a turnkey basis in cooperation with the client and the architect. For both new and renovation projects.

Decades of experience of the world’s largest shipbuilding projects have taught us what it means to have good project management, uncompromising production and delivery, when each module must be installed in place on time with millimeter accuracy. Jukova´s products sail in demanding conditions in the world’s seven seas. Aurora Look brings the same expertise to the Finnish construction industry.


Aurora Look’s modularity means quality throughout the production chain

Jukova has delivered more than 30 000 balconies to world’s largest cruise ships. Aurora Look’s balcony, glazing and railing solutions are based on the same processes.

The strengths of the modular production method are undeniable. Aurora’s balcony, glazing and railing solutions are produced in a factory and installed efficiently to the building.

Serial production in warm and dry conditions enables completely different levels of quality requirements compared to on-site construction. In addition, the production is fast and efficient.

Customizability is part of the modular way of thinking. Modularity enables various options that can be audited by the customer before actual production. Audition can take place in Jukova’s factory or at the customer’s premises.

During factory production phase, other activities can take place simultaneously at the worksite. This speeds up the total needed time for the whole project.


Aurora Look is always the right solution

Aurora finds the right solution for the end customer’s needs, which brings ease, comfort, and luxury to their daily lives. For example, solar panels used in balcony glazing enables environment friendly energy production. Also, the sliding electric windows make life easier for the residents and bring clean lines to the facade of the property. It is possible to have remote-controlled sliding doors for balcony solutions, so that when opened they do not take space on the balcony. The quality of living is rising, not to mention the value of the real estate.

Aurora Balconies is luxury balcony solutions.
Aurora Glazings is facade glazing solutions.
Aurora Railings is safety in a touchable form.

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